Qualitative Research – Main Methodologies

    • Face-to-face in-depth interviews in one-way mirror facility, in-home or shop-alongs
    • Focus groups in one-way mirror facility: dyads, triads, quads, mini-groups (5 to 6 respondents) and regular groups (7 to 8 respondents)
    • Ethnographies: deep dive into the reality of the target audience
    • Creative workshops with consumers, opinion leaders, client marketing team and advertising agency
    • Pre and Post-tasks: activities / assignments complementary to the methodologies above to focus on a particular area – profile and lifestyle, consumption habits, references on the category, perceptions with respect to a given theme, unmet demands

    Digital tools are increasingly gaining ground in traditional qualitative research, especially when – but not limited to – talking to Millennials (as well as future generations). However, digital tools cannot be seen as substitutes of traditional qualitative research, because they do not efficiently deliver some key elements of a qualitative study:

    • Spontaneity: human interaction is and will always be richer and more revealing for all those involved in the process: the respondent, the client and the research professional
    • Depth: for their fun, distractive, entertaining character, digital tools prove more limited for tapping into the consumer’s deeper mental levels

    Some perceptions, responses and creative insights only come to light:

    • In eye to eye contact
    • In a spontaneous, prompt response
    • In the heat of the discussion
    • In confronting views at the exact moment they come up and are defended
    • In interpreting the hesitations, the silence, the contradictions
    • In observing the body language
    • In experiencing up-close the life and reality of the subject of investigation

    These characteristics are the gems of traditional qualitative research: it is this deep dive into what is real that makes it so fascinating, engaging, motivating.

    From the qualitative point of view, whose essence lies in the world of feelings, sensations, emotions, new ideas and connections, to understand a theme through face-to-face experience, by listening to people, observing behaviors, taking in the settings, delving into the other’s world, is infinitely more revealing and magical.