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5WBRAZIL Market Research was born from the passion to learn and understand the Brazilian consumer market, with all its unique elements and differences across the various regions of this huge country.

It was born from the wish to develop and provide the market with new tools and methodologies for understanding the digital consumer and for optimizing clients’ communication investments in the online world.

After nearly 20 years working with marketing research in the Clarice Herzog Associados research agency, Carla Vasques decided to start a research company that has Brazil in its DNA and an eye on the world of consumption in the digital era.

Carla Vasques

Carla Vasques has a degree in marketing and advertising from the Casper Libero Social Communication College and a Master’s Degree in Digital Marketing from the Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

During all these years of professional experience, Carla had the opportunity to:

  • Work with major national and international advertisers and marketing research agencies – which resulted in a solid, comprehensive experience with wide range of studies and research methodologies.
  • Get involved in projects with both national and international coverage, particularly in Latin America – which generated valuable knowledge on the complexity of global marketing studies and the importance of efficient coordination and a network of competent partners.
  • Meet a large number of professionals who work directly or indirectly in the research industry in Brazil, Latin America, United States and Europe – which enables her to select the right team to work conjointly with her and ensure the best results in regional and global studies.

Claudia Sanches

Claudia Sanches is children and teen´s psychologist, working with the ages from 3 to 17.
She has more than 27 years’ experience in Market Research and Consumer Insights, helping big brands to understand kids and teens´ universes: MATTEL, PAMPILI, GOOGLE, AFEET, ABRIL Group, Johnson & Johnson, CREATA and LUCCAS NETO (Brazilian Youtuber focused on the younger kids).
Specialization at Storytelling and Brand Content (ESPM).
Managed research projects focused on children and teens, new structures family, sustainability, and consumption for magazines at Abril Group for 6 years.
Worked as CMI at UNILEVER for 5 years inside homecare area.

Malu Freire

Malu Freire is a psychologist graduated from PUC-SP and has been working with qualitative market research for 25 years.
Extensive experience in all qualitative research profiles – moderation of focus groups and in-depth interviews (in-person and online), ethnographic interviews and communities.
Works with all consumer research segments – personal care, household products, food, cars, technology (consumer electronics, technology and social media companies), entertainment and/or communication/content producing industries, financial services companies, education companies (colleges), healthcare companies (pharmaceutical industry, hospitals and health insurance), foundations/ associations, startups and applications (UX research).
Extensive experience with all audiences, including opinion leaders, healthcare professionals, B2B, as well as children and teenagers.

Fabiana Yasbeck

Fabiana Yasbeck is 5WBrazil’s partner on UX and digital media projects.
Works in the User Experience and qualitative studies since 2000.
Graduated in Business Administration at FAAP, with specialization in Marketing at UCI (University of California Irvine) and ESPM.
With participation in User Experience Conference promoted by NNGroup in 2002 and 2004, 2019, UIE (Jared Spool) in 2007 and UXPA in 2012.
Partner and consultant at Lumens Consultoria, responsible for projects in User Experience area, focusing in digital channels, involving Usability Tests, Customer Research, User Journey, Personas creation, etc.

Tatiane Rotondaro

Tatiane Rotondaro is 5WBrazil’s partner on UX and digital media projects.
Graduated in Systems Analysis and super interested in technology and digital devices.
Works in the User Experience and qualitative studies since 2010.
With participation in courses like Information Architecture by Jump Education and UX Design and Google Analytics by IGTI.
UX Consultant working in projects for Lumens Consultoria, developing projects in User Experience area, focusing in digital channels, involving Usability Tests, Customer Research, User Journey, Personas creation, etc.

Luis Alessio

Luis Alessio is a photographer and filmmaker. His interest in the audiovisual universe began in 2015, when he decided to embrace the profession as a way of self-expression, adopting it as a place of feeling and being in the world.
His paths through this art merge with his process of self-knowledge and lifestyle change – leaving a stagnation and entering a continuous flow of conscious movement of who he is.
He is a 5WBrazil’s partner in our ethnographic projects, lending his human, creative and sensitive look to the registration and revelation of the other’s world.
More information:

Marcelo Rampazzo

Marcelo Rampazzo is a graphic artist, graduated in visual arts with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design since 2004.
He has over 15 years of experience in the advertising and marketing, acting as illustrator, designer and 2D and 3D animator.
He has being worked in several types of Branding projects, with services ranging from the beginning of the innovation process, such as facilitating live graphics in workshops, 2D and 3D mockups of products, to packaging design and animation development for bringing to life new concepts and products.
More information:

5WBRAZIL – Understanding the Brazilian Consumer Market

What We Do

5WBrazil is a marketing research company specialized in qualitative studies with expertise in:

Brand positioning, strengthening and understanding studies – brand image, value structure, brand equities, identifying competitive strengths and weakness, brand elasticity for line expansion

Products and services innovation concept research

Online / offline communication and POP material research

Research of exploratory character to understand consumer behavior, identify unmet demands and market opportunities, uncover insights for generating a perception of innovation and value for products, services and brands

Product trial / performance research

Website and apps usability qualitative research

How We Do It

The 5WBRAZIL Philosophy

Generating actionable knowledge for the client’s business, seeking to identify what to do and what not to do to respond to the marketing challenges within the idiosyncrasies of the local market.

Ensuring more accurate data collection and more relevant findings for the market challenge at hand.

In conducting research and reporting on the results: dynamic, unbiased moderation, while constantly questioning, challenging consumers to go beyond the obvious, politically correct, easy answers. Ultimately generating more interesting, valuable insights to meet the client’s marketing goals.

Qualitative Investigation of Strategic Value

5WBRAZIL believe in and is devoted to a qualitative investigation of strategic value, developed and conducted based on the 3C concept – CURIOSITY, CONTRIBUTION AND CONCISION.

The pleasure of learning, the value of debate, of questioning, the freshness of an open mind and attentive, interested eyes.

Who? When? Where? Why? What? – discover more and better.

An approach that values revelation, depth and understanding of what has been revealed, but most of all of what is not explicitly revealed by the audience in study.

The team’s mindset is to ‘go beyond’, from planning the research methodologies and the areas and directions of investigation to executing and developing the final report.
The proposal is to help the client find the more creative and efficient solution (or solutions) for his marketing challenge.

Concise, clear, dynamic reporting, focused on the strategic issues and guidelines to make the client’s project move forward.
Time, more than ever, is money. And that is why 5WBrazil is committed to producing efficient reports employing visual resources that ensure that the research findings are clearly understood and grasped.


During all these years of professional experience, Carla Vasques took participant in marketing research studies for major national and international companies such as:

And also worked for several international research institutes.


Carla Vasques is an extremely competent professional. The words that define her are, no doubt, focus, energy and commitment. Passionate about her job, she has a unique ability to ask questions, get the answers and turn them into strategies for her clients. That’s why I’m her fan, friend, partner and client!

Alessandra Lima – Mind Shopper

I have worked with Carla many, many times over the course of the last 10 years and frankly she has been my go to for excellence in moderation and analysis for some time. She gets to the core of the ideas/areas/issues to be evaluated and always provides insightful answers. On top of this she is a pleasure to work with personally. Plus she is incredibly efficient with all the practical stuff. I could not recommend working with her more highly!

Joanna Adams (USA)

When I commissioned my first project with Carla as a moderator, my reference of what quality Qualitative Research stood for changed forever. Direct, pragmatic and focused, she extracts the best out of the groups and on top of this she makes recommendations on the report that add value and guide us clearly. As I change companies, I always take Carla along wherever I go. Her service is differentiated and superior to what the market generally offers.

Joana Adissi – Sanofi

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Rua Galeno de Almeida, 107 – 192A
São Paulo/SP
CEP: 05410-030

+55 11 99243-1573

+55 11 99243-1573

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